As a company, we reserve the right of admission in cases where students violate important rules and are expelled from the academy for said infraction. It should be noted that the expelled student does not receive a refund of their money.

Cases or reasons for expulsion of a student:

  • Market or resell the content of the academy.
  • Create problems or discord in groups or channels
  • Disrespect other students and their educational processes.
  • Share the content of our academy with third parties.
  • Share your access account with third parties or a group of people.
  • Promote in the groups explicit content, naked or extreme violence that may cause discontent with the other members of the group.
  • Touch sensitive topics such as politics, religion, race, gender and social position and generate problems based on these issues.
  • Plagiarize our content and present it as yours.
  • To speak badly of the mentors and other students or of the academy itself, who does not feel comfortable within the groups or satisfied with the educational system, may well leave without creating discord.